What Makes My Logo Creation Unique

When it comes to logos, my process is done differently than others.

Finding inspiration and discovering a great direction is key in creating a logo that fits a client. My goal is to seek out something that does just that, giving both a recognizable representation of the company and making it separate from others in their specific industry, I also look for a way to include an additional element, an extra meaning that gives it a fun visual interest.

On occasion I’m able to come up with one good concept. Other times, I’ve done as many as nine separate concepts. They are hand sketched (digitally) and presented to the client. Tweaks and modifications are brought into the conversation. After a more settled concept is chosen, I create the logo in vector… providing a few variations as mock-up visuals. This helps solidify the client’s opinion in the final design.

Once all is decided upon and the design is chosen, the client is provided with the logo in different color schemes to fit their future needs. The formats are “print ready” as both PNG and Vector PDF.

This unique approach often gives my clients a wonderful sense of ownership and pride, knowing that their logo is very much their own and unique.

Published by mattpaasch

Graphic designer, artist/illustrator, singer, comedian, extreme extrovert, creative personality, and single dad of three great teenagers!

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