Minimalist Logos

If you haven’t noticed, there is a trend of drastically minimal logos with non-nonsense design. They are engaging, but also highly communicative of the most important details. Without being distracting, they are eye-catching and highly versatile. There seems to be a wave of nostalgia as more and more logos are turning to a retro-style look.

Several major companies are transitioning away from some of those highly decorated logos, to the rawest elements, going back to basics, There is a need for logos to be sharp, easily read, well-defined, and the ability to function across media platforms. A flat design allows a logo to be usable and recognizable in nearly any context. Monochrome logos can be a useful constraint that forces you to communicate your brand effectively.

Over the past year, there has been a growth in ecommerce. Along with that growth, the need for fast, smart and effective design has been stronger than ever. Businesses are in need of logos, and they want them fast.

Unfortunately, along with speed and small expectations, many get what they pay for. Websites like “Fiverr” have been hit with high traffic, providing easy logos with those tight on budget.
They’ve built their whole business on the promise of cheaper-than-cheap prices. But research has found that there is deception and that the logos are often rip-offs… not  a fresh, original idea. Read more here:

Putting a visual on what you’re doing brings your idea to life and communicates it in a way that words can’t. And while delivering a fantastic product or service is your top priority, you can think of a logo as a support system, helping you gain visibility, trust, and goodwill.

With this in mind, how versatile is your logo? Does it give your company an identity?

If you want something new and fresh, think carefully about the unique tendencies and qualities you’d like to portray. Contact us to assist you in putting creativity in your idea!

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